Avengers Classic #5 – The old skool Avengers fight the Lava Men. Lava like volcanoes… not the soap!
Brave & The Bold #7 – I think they should just call this book TITTIES for the month, since Wonder Woman & Power Girl will be teaming up. Just a thought.
Captain America #31 – The Red Skull has captured Bucky. Does that mean he’s going to kill Cap & his sidekick?
Captain America: The Chosen #3 – This series turned out to be all war-related and stuff. Dunno what I think of that. It’s at least well-written.
Catwoman #72 – It looks like Catty is tapping out Zatanna to do that voodoo that she do to her brain to make her bad again. Because nothing says Mom like Thief.
Marvel Comics Presents #2 – This series was surprising… little nuggets of stories, that are actually well-done! Especially digging the Hellcat & Weapon Omega stories.
Marvel Zombies 2 #1 – The Marvel Zombies action continues. It would start to be overkill… except the stories are so cool… they could do 3 of these a month!
Mighty Avengers #5 – The shipping is slow on this… but the art and story are so good… I have trouble bitching about it!
New Excalibur #24 – However this title just sucks, and if it weren’t for Dazzler being on the team… I would have dropped this book like the shit brick it is. WOrd on the street is that a new writer will be taking over very soon. Dear Lord let it be true & quick!
Ultimate X-Men #87 – The post Xavier run in Ultimate X-men has been pretty good… solid storytelling, if not overly exciting.
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #2 – I love stories where the X-Men can overcome the odds beeing totally NOT in their favor. Plus, they’re in SPACE (ace ace ace).