Fantastic Four #550 – So Reed & Sue are back, letting the Fantastic 6 pick up where the story left off, before they kicked the asses of the new Frightful 4. Plus Dr. Strange guests in this book & I love Dr. Strange!
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 – One More Day continues. Only another 2 issues before they finally let us know what’s going to happen with Spidey. I’m all for the changes they want to make to the character, but it feels like it’s taking forever to get there!
New Avengers #35 – I dunno what’s up with the cover, but last issue where we saw the true desires of the team, was very cool & surprising. I continue to enjoy this book with each new issue!
New Warriors #5 – So many mysteries & not a bunch of answers yet. Plus, the fate of Wind Dancer!
Punisher War Journal #12 – OK, the cover of this book looks a little absurd to me. The Punisher vs. the Hulk. Uh… duh… the Hulk could pulverize the Punisher in a second. The Punisher has no powers, & theres nothing in his arsenal to even put a dent in the Hulk. Still, a tie-in is a tie-in.
Runaways #28 – Ho hum. Joss Whedon took over the Runaways. His mildly interesting story arc is dwarfed by his ability to make slow ass shipping schedules for both of Marvel’s most interesting titles. Way to go!
World War Hulk Front Line #5 – Some background on the Sentry’s entry into the war. And some resolution now that the detective dude has figured out who killed the robot.
X-Factor #24 – Between the pregnancy scare, Layla getting ‘rescued’ by Quicksilver, & the X-men turning up, I’ll continue to pee my pants over this title for another month!!
X-Men: Die By The Sword #1 – Um. A rather useless mini from Marvel trying to explore the reunion of Psylocke & her bro Captain Britain. Yawn. Probably will change nothing, since thy’re trying to make New Excalibur less of an X-book & Psylocke is in Exiles limbo right now. They’ll still get my $3, at least for 1 issue.