Astounding Wolf-Man #3 – So this book has been pretty good so far. Last month we had a bit of a cliffhanger ending. So I’ll see how it turns out this month! Then decide if I’m going to keep with it or not.
Avengers: The Initiative #6 – A new Hulk-Free arc. Someone brings the pain to Gauntlet, & it’s time to see who’s to blame.
Cable & Deadpool #45 – Some sort of tangle with Captain America. I guess this is a flashback story. Either way, it should be interesting, & the cover looks great!
Captain America: The Chosen #2 – I haven’t read issue 1 yet. Too busy with the move. I should get all caught up this weekend.
The Order #3 – This series has turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. Solid storyteling & great art. I’ll be sticking around for at least a few more issues!
Sub-Mariner #4 – Venom ripped off Subby’s little ankle wing things last issue. That can’t be good!
X-Men #203 – It seems like this series was on a slow simmer until issue 199. Since then it’s been volcanic. So many surprises, & the art is stellar. Very surprising after it was so sucky just over a year ago!

Walking Dead Vol. 7 – I’m still managing to pick this title up in trades & not get too antsy in between. This book is so much more than a zombie comic, but it still does the zombie thing very well. Meanwhile it captures the human spirit in the face of catastrophe so beautifully. In this one, a baby is born into a world overrun by zombies. Can you imagine!?