Okay… I can’t wait until Friday….
Because, there is finally new album news!!!!!

I know, right!?!?!?!?

The album is apparently going under the name ‘X’, since it’s her tenth studio album. It was the working title, and appears to be the real deal.

More importantly, It’s going to be 13 tracks long, with Kylie writing 7 of those songs, & some of the more high profile collaborations – Scissor Sisters, Boy George, Groove Armada – are all missing. So if they’re leaving that stuff it either really sucked, or these other 13 tracks are AMAZING. Also, 3 tracks from the leaks over the summer have made it to the album. Here’s the real deal:

1 – 2 Hearts (written/produced by Kish Mauve)
2 – Like A Drug (written/produced Cutfather/Jonas Jeberg)
3 – In My Arms* (written/produced by Kylie/BiffCo)
4 – Speakerphone (written/produced by Bloodshy & Avant)
5 – Sensitized* (written/produced by Guy Chambers & Cathy Dennis)
6 – Heart Beat Rock(written/produced by Kylie & Calvin Harris)
7 – The One (written/produced by Kylie, BiffCo, & the Freemasons)
8 – No More Rain (written/produced by Kylie & Greg Kurstin)
9 – All I See (written/produced Cutfather/Jonas Jeberg)
10 – Stars* (written/produced by Kylie/BiffCo)
11 – Wow (written/produced by Kylie & Greg Kurstin)
12 – Nu-Di-Ty (written/produced by Bloodshy & Avant)
13 – Cosmic (written/produced by Kylie & Eg White)

The ones with the * all leaked out over the spring/summer. So she still has a few bigger names on there, but it looks like she went in favor of having a large portion done by newer names, with a few old faithful collaborators. I’m very excited about the Greg Kurstin tracks, as he is not only a part of ‘The Bird & Bee’, but he has also worked with both Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Lily Allen, & my love for them is no secret!! All in all, a very exciting time, & I can’t wait to hear it all!!!!

Also, as a treat – Mylo leaked his unused bits on his myspace, and they’re fantastic electro-poppiness!!

Kylie Minogue – In The Mood For Love (Demo with Mylo)
Kylie Minogue – Spell of Desire (Demo with Mylo)