I’ve heard a lot of back & forth about the new Sugababes single. Some call it 1 of their best songs ever, while others dismiss it as Avril-lite. Diet Avril. Avril Zero. After getting a higher quality version & blasting it on my car stereo (my preferred way of experiencing music), I can give my full & honest opinion. KICK-ASS!! The lyrics are decent enough lyrics to a pop song about love(ish), but the music is incredible… it fits into that pop format & setup, but listening closely it uses elements of breakbeat, electro, jungle, & all kinds of little bleeps & shit that get me all moist like a snack cake down in my boxer-briefs. Check it out, & a decent remix too!

Sugababes – About You Now (Video Version)
Sugababes – About You Now (Kissy Sellout Remix)