Yet again, I wish I lived in the UK!!

On October 16th, VUE Cinemas will be premiering the new Kylie documentary ‘White Diamond’. It follows Kylie’s work after her recovery from breast cancer leading into the re-launch of the Showgirl Homecoming Tour. I don’t know whether to expect something like ‘Truth or Dare’ or something like one of the behind the scenes featurettes on her tour dvd’s. Either way, those who go to the premieres in the UK, you’ll get 111 minutes of Kylie documentary, then a bonus 30 minutes of bonus footage. You lucky bastards!!

Apparently tickets are about 15 pounds, give or take, & word is that Kylie herself will be at the premiere in London’s West End.

Can anybody hook a brother up with airfare & tickets? I got my passport ready to go!!!

PS All information about the release of ‘2 Hearts’ in November have been confirmed. Also, rumors are saying that the previous working title of her new cd – ‘Kylie X’ – will actually be the title of the new cd. Since it’s her tenth album & all!