As long-time readers may know, I’m addicted to action figures. My main addiction is to the Marvel Legends figures line from ToyBiz Hasbro. However, DC Direct puts out some good looking figures, although they are a little harder to find, less poseable, and a little more expensive. However they are putting out a second wave of Smallville figures that I MUST get my hands on. 3 or 4 years ago they did a tiny wave for Smallville featuring Clark, Lana, & Lex. They are the main characters, so it made sense to only do 3, but last season saw the formation of a Justice League on the show… and now, well…
they’re doing a new line of Smallville figures to feature the team. HOT!!

Now all I need is a Smallville Lois & Chloe twin pack, and I’ll be set!!
**Photo courtesy of KryptonSite!**