Avengers Classic #4 – The reprint of Captain America’s return to comics!! No he’s not back to life again, but back in the 60’s, the Avengers found Cap in a block of ice, revived him, & he returned to his heroic roots. Until he got capped this past spring. Now he’s dead again.
Captain America #30 – Amazing how a book with a dead title character can keep chucking along. Winter Soldier got duped & appears to be near ambushed by the new Serpent Squad, plus the Falson & Sharon Carter are slowly tracking him. Slowly.
Catwoman #61 – A new direction for Catwoman should begin here. Her spot has totally been blown up as far as her secret identity goes, plus her baby seems to be changing her priorities. What’s next?
Irredeemable Ant-Man #12 – The end of this series. It was decent but not mind-blowing. Kinda funny, but not hysterical. Word is Eric O’Grady (the main character) is set to start appearing in Avengers Initiative.
Marvel Comics Presents #1 – Marvel is going to try a recharge on this anthology title. All kinds of creators & characters will get the spotlight in this book that will feature mini-stories on all sorts of underrated characters. Like Spider-Man. And Wolverine. And that Hulk guy!
New X-Men #42 – Following the fall-out of the team’s trip to Limo & their battle with Belasco & a nutty Magik, they lick their wounds & start a new direction.
World War Hulk #4 – Dr. Strange vs. The Hulk. 2 old friends duke it out. Muscle vs. magic. Should be a very interesting issue!
World War Hulk: Front Line #4 – Something will happen…. but not too much… this series has been a little underwhelming. Hopefully the tables will turn before it ends in 3 issues.
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #3 – A not too surprising origin story last issue should lead us into this team actually facing the Hulk in NYC. Hopefully!