Considered the beans finally spilled at long last!!!!
See that pretty picture of my favorite Australian above!?

According to her website, that is the cover to her new single, the previously rumored ‘2 Hearts’.

The single will have a net release of November 5th, with a physical single to be released November 12th (in the UK of course).

The song was written & produced by UK electo band Kish Mauve. Their demo is right here:

Kish Mauve – 2 Hearts

Kish Mauve is also apparently responsible for the leaked track ‘Lose Control’.
The song is ok, but it’s not Kylie singing… so I imagine they’ve really revamped the song if Kylie & co. chose it for the lead single!

The album will follow the single later in November.

Other news, the album is probably not going to release in the US until February of 2008. Allegedly to give time to properly promote & sell it in Europe, then give time to promote in the US. We saw how well that idea worked with ‘Body Language’ but I’ll stay optimisitc, either way you know I’m gonna talk her to DEATH. And I will find a way to see her live dammit. I must!!