Today – H… like in homos, hookers, and hectic.

Howie Day – You & A Promise (Demo Version)
I’ve enjoyed Howie since his first album & his stint as Tori Amos’ opening act on her Scarlet’s Walk tour. He was also the first musician I saw use sampling machines to create the music he was playing. Basically he records different sounds on his guitar, loops them, & though it’s just him & his guitar, it sounds like a full band is playing with him. This is a song from his second album that appeared on an EP in it’s demo format, and I think I prefer this older version.

The Hazzards – Gay Boyfriend
This band started out as the Ukes of Hazzard, & was comprised of 2 chicks playing the ukelele & singing cutesy nonsense songs. They signed to some sort of label, became the Hazzards, & recorded a more produced version of their song ‘Gay Boyfriend’. It’s an anthem for gays & their female buddies. Very cute and a bit silly!