Loners #5 – This series is reaching it’s end, and I’ll probably be a little sad. The story has been fun and steady, and the covers, featuring tweaked homages to class 80’s movie posters, have been awesome. Plus I met the writer, CB Cebulski, at the Baltimore Comic Con this past weekend, and he was just as nice and friendly as could be!
Moon Knight #12 – Finally, the Initiative storyline in this book reaches it’s close. It had a really strong start in the first 2 issues, but the 3 in between have been a little on the long & boring side.
New Avengers #34 – More mystery and intrigue as new villains come to light, and more Skrull mania starts to percolate.
Thor #3 – Goldilocks is gonna throwdown with Iron Man in this very issue. Hope Tony keeps quiet about making a robot clone of Thor. I think that could piss Thor off royally!
Ultimate X-Men #86 – More adventures of the new Ultimate X-Team. And more good news… Ultimate Psylocke who was thought dead about 50 issues ago… surprise! She ain’t dead! Hooray!
X-Factor #23 – This is the best book on the market right now. You better be reading it. I say this every month and I mean it. Strong Guy’s been asked to be a sheriff, Layla Miller has been dropped in a river, and someone on the team is knocked up. All this plus the next chapter of ‘Endangered Species’!
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1 – Finally we catch up with the space X-Men as they track down the 3rd Summers brother and try to kill him. That’s right kids… Space-X-Men-with-a-deathwish.