Enrique Iglesias is a SEXY pop star, who’s really struggling to get his new album ‘Insomnia’ into the public conscious. I knew 2 singles have been out, but I sure didn’t know the CD was. His music is generally reliable, he has really sappy ballads that are pretty run of the mill, and some decent dance/pop songs. One thing that is always consistent, are his steaming hot looks. A great body, a pretty face, hell he even made moles look sexy. However mole or no mole, shirt or no shirt, I enjoy looking at Enrique. Sometimes more than his music.


Enrique Iglesias – Tired of Being Sorry (Radio Edit)
Enrique Iglesias – Dimelo (Reggaeton Remix ft Dalmata)
Enrique Iglesias – Don’t Turn Off The Lights (Moroder & Garibay Radio Mix)