If you haven’t already read my monster post on the VMA’s. Click here to do it now.
For now, here’s an update on performers.

Amy Winehouse had to cancel, as she has with 99% of her upcoming appearances, because they tried to make her go to rehab, and she couldn’t say no no no. Lily Allen, who I was all excited to see also had to ‘pull out’ because of ongoing visa issues stemming from her decking a UK paparazzi. They were probably totally asking for it!!

I’m also surprised to see the neither Beyonce, not Justin Timberlake will be performing, considering they’re both leading the night in nominations.

Who is performing then? Well…

Britney Spears is confirmed to be opening the show with her new single ‘Gimme More’. Expect miming & magic tricks!

The only other girls performing for tonight are golden girl Rihanna – if she performs ‘Shut Up & Drive’ I’ll vomit, if she performs ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ I’ll shriek like a giddy school girl; & Nelly Furtado – no word on what she” be performing, but I imagine they called her up since Lily & Amy had to bail, it must suck to be so talented & still not be top choice.

Fall Out Boy for the emo rockers & Foo Fighters for the old school rockers.

In a moment of truly surprising inspiration , MTV for some reason has booked Mark Ronson & Daniel Merriweather to play on the show. I imagine it will be the UK hit ‘Stop Me’ which is an awesome song, but virtually unheard in the US outside of blogs.

Hip-Hop rules the rest of the evening with performances in some way shape or form from Kanye West, Common, Timbaland (also doubling as the host/maestro/whatev), Cee-Lo, & Gym Class Heroes. You’d think that would be enough for an awards show, but don’t bet on any acceptance speeches going any longer than ‘Thank you” because we’re also to expect performances from 50 Cent, Akon, Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne, Soulja Boy, & T-Pain.

So while it is a bit of hip-hop overload, there’s enough surprises to make me tune in on Sunday at 9 (plus it’s not on until after Big Brother!!). Shantytown will be too… since I’m making her come over & watch!