Because of the holiday, they don’t ship until tomorrow…
Amazing Spider-Man #544 – One More Day starts here. That would be the biggest divorce in comics. Starting here. Or maybe he’ll be a widower. Either way… shit is going down with Petey & MJ.
Buffy Season 8 #6 – Still buying this book to read later… maybe after I’m house poor I’ll have time to catch up on Buffy.
Captain America: The Chosen #1 – A new mini-series about the last days of Cap’s life. Sure, I’ll bite.
Exiles #98 – Meh. A parallel universe where the Fantastic 4 is all dis-jointed & part-evil. Just like the last story arc. If it wasn’t for the 4-6 pages of Psylocke each issue, I’d totally give up on this book again.
Incredible Hulk #110 – Are the tides going to turn for Amadeus Cho’s unwavering support of the Hulk. This issue just may tell us.
Ms. Marvel #19 – Ms. Marvel. Tigra. A cat-fight will probably ensue. Pun intended.
New Excalibur #23 – Has Sage truly crossed over to the dark side. Will this story arc ever end?
New Warriors #4 – This has been 1 of the most exciting & surprising new series of the year. Plus the returns of Jubilee, Chamber, Wind Dancer & more keep me coming back for now!!
Uncanny X-Men #490 – More undergound Morlock action with the new team joining forces with part of the FF, while Prof & Nightcrawler search for Magneto, & Beast looks for Bishop. Fun times!