Today’s producer is a house music legend!!! I share with you, Todd Terry. Todd was a house pioneer throughout the 80’s & hit the map with a vengeance in the mid 90’s with his unforgettable remix of Everything But The Girl’s ‘Missing’. He then went on to remix illustrious names such as Garbage, Bjork, Rolling Stones, Yaz, Moloko, & a little lady by the name of Kylie Minogue. I can only touch on his fantasticness, so I’ll save more of his back-story for time down the road when I feature him again! For now, enjoy some of his lesser known, but still amazing remixes!

Jamiroquai – Alright (Tee’s Radio Mix)
Jewel – Intuition (Tee’s Frozen Sun Edit)
Cardigans – Been It (Tee’s QB Edit)
They Might Be Giants – S-E-X-X-Y (Tee’s Radio Mix)