September 2007


Yaz – Situation (Richard X Mix)
Awesome reworking of an 80’s classic.


X-Press 2 ft Dieter Maier – I Want You Back (Medicine8 QB Edit)
An awesome & rare remix of an excellent song by an awesome dance act. Hooray for X!

W Day is flashback day!

Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music
This is 1 of the few songs I can sing well in karaoke. And it’s fun party music!

Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men
This could very well be the gayest song ever.

Saw this over on Make Mine Marvel, and had to share it here too.
Our first peak at the upcoming X-Men cartoon show, starring Wolverine (he of the low-profile and shared spotlight).

Can’t F-ing wait!!!

As previously reported, Kylie is going to be on a UK Radio One tribute album to be released next week. Her contribution? A Calvin Harris produced cover of the Roxy Music track, “Love Is The Drug”. Guess what?
It got played today & the track is now out there in near perfect high quality.

Know what else?

I got it!
Kylie Minogue – Love Is The Drug (Radio Rip)
Love it!! For it is AWESOME!

So yesterday, search engines directed a few pople to my lil’ blog for this phrase:

“what a bitch looks like”

So I decided to help the people out.

This is what a bitch looks like:

If you found that helpful, let me know. Who knows, it may become a weekly feature!

Astounding Wolf-Man #3 – So this book has been pretty good so far. Last month we had a bit of a cliffhanger ending. So I’ll see how it turns out this month! Then decide if I’m going to keep with it or not.
Avengers: The Initiative #6 – A new Hulk-Free arc. Someone brings the pain to Gauntlet, & it’s time to see who’s to blame.
Cable & Deadpool #45 – Some sort of tangle with Captain America. I guess this is a flashback story. Either way, it should be interesting, & the cover looks great!
Captain America: The Chosen #2 – I haven’t read issue 1 yet. Too busy with the move. I should get all caught up this weekend.
The Order #3 – This series has turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. Solid storyteling & great art. I’ll be sticking around for at least a few more issues!
Sub-Mariner #4 – Venom ripped off Subby’s little ankle wing things last issue. That can’t be good!
X-Men #203 – It seems like this series was on a slow simmer until issue 199. Since then it’s been volcanic. So many surprises, & the art is stellar. Very surprising after it was so sucky just over a year ago!

Walking Dead Vol. 7 – I’m still managing to pick this title up in trades & not get too antsy in between. This book is so much more than a zombie comic, but it still does the zombie thing very well. Meanwhile it captures the human spirit in the face of catastrophe so beautifully. In this one, a baby is born into a world overrun by zombies. Can you imagine!?

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