Britney leaked!
Britney Spears – Gimme More

Britney Spears – Cold As Fire

Couldn’t resist. Try as I might, I just can’t hate her. For every crappy career move & bland ballad she does, she goes & releases a great single. FYI, ‘Gimme More’ is supposed to be the lead single for the comeback album, & ‘Cold as Fire’, an album cut/b-side. So here’s what I think:
Gimme More – Perfect new single for her! It sounds like the music she wants to be making, just enough blend of hip-hop & dance. Lyrics that just touch on her personal shit & her voice doesn’t sound too bad. I see it getting decent airplay, a lot with the right promotion. Only time will tell if she’s her own worst enemy.
Cold As Fire – Stupid title aside, this isn’t bad for an album track for her. Her album tracks usually SUCK, so this wouldn’t be a bad 1. It kinda sounds like a demo version of her song ‘Do Something’.