Avengers: The Initiative #5 – What I don’t get about these big crossover things, is that they have this team of superhero trainess really thinking they could fuck with the Hulk. Really? The Hulk!? Who just took out Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, & conquered an entire planet of warring alien races!? I guess they really wanted a tie-in… but I can’t imagine anyone on this team doing much more then getting caught between the Hulk’s toes!
Black Panther #30 – More of the Fantastic Four in Zombie-ville. Not a bad arc not a great arc… just more of the same average chugging along we’ve come to expect on this title.
Fanatastic Four #549 – I’m digging the return of Reed & Sue. I’ve been skeptical of the whole Black Panther & Storm on the FF, but this arc has been decent reading. Plus… Kang returned last issue. Or at least it looks that way!
The Last Fantastic Four Story – I didn’t think I was gonna snag this one, but it’s a light week… & it’s written by Stan Lee… aka God! Plus art by John Romita Jr. 2 Marvel legends… why did I think I wasn’t gonna buy it?? Shame on me!!
Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook – Preview of the new big storyline that’s gonna shake up everything for Spidey. Allegedly he & MJ are gonna split. If the book from Free Comic Book Day is any indication, Aunt May probably isn’t gonna die though.
World War Hulk: X-Men #3 – The end to the quickie mini for the X-Men tie-in to the big summer crossover. I’m excited about this 1, because last issue saw a chunk of the extended X-family coming in to save the day. And I’m a sucker for seeing a bunch of characters in one book!