Monday, August 27th, 2007


The Rules – Put your iTunes on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess the song & artist. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!! So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

1. “do I attract you do I repulse you with my queasy smile am I too dirty am I too flirty do I like what you like I could be wholesome I could be loathsome I guess I’m a little bit shy why dont you like me why dont you like me without making me try I try to be like Grace Kelly but all her looks were too sadGrace Kelly – Mika ***JB

2. “however far away I will always love you however long I stay I will always love you whatever words I say I will always love you I will always love youLovesong – The Cure ***Shannon

3. “when you rolled up in the Escalade saw the dub you gave to the valet knew that it was game when you looked at me pulling up your sleeve so I could see the Rolley bling saw you later in the corner booth raising up a toast so I would notice you but your heart’s a mess think you outta know doesn’t matter if you’re balling out of controlLove Don’t Cost a Thing – Jennifer Lopez ***TP

4. “how can I explain all the things I feel you’ve given me so much girl you’re so unreal still I keep loving you more & more each time girl what am I gonna do because you blow my mind I get the same old feelin every time you’re here I feel the change somethin’ moves I scream your name do whatcha got to do darling I can’t get enough of your loveCan’t Get Enough of Your Love – Barry White ***Shannon

5. “I may not always love you but long as there are stars above you you never need to doubt it I’ll make you so sure about it God only knows what I’d be without you if you should ever leave me though life would still go on believe me the world could show nothing to me so what good would living do meGod Only Knows (Beach Boys cover) – Joss Stone ***Shannon

6. “me no bubblecious me smoke heavy tar me be groovin slowly where you are notify your next of kin cos your never coming back I’ve been dropping beats since back in black & we’ll paint by numbers til something sticks don’t mind doing it for the kids so come on jump on board take a ride you’ll be doin it alrightKids – Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue***Shannon

7. “he talks about you in his sleep theres nothing I can do to keep from crying when he calls your name Jolene & I can easily understand how you could easily take my man but you dont know what he means to me Jolene Jolene Jolene Jolene Jolene I’m begging of you please dont take my manJolene – Dolly Parton ***Shannon

8. “you & me we used to be together everyday together always I really feel that I’m losing my best friend I can’t believe this could be the end it looks as though you’re letting go & if it’s real well I don’t want to knowDon’t Speak – No Doubt***Shannon

9. “leaning in your corner like a candidate for wax sidewalk social scientist don’t get no satisfaction from your cigarette it’s 10 to 10 time is running out take me down the highway like a rocket to the ocean we can run today can last another million years today could be the end of me it’s 11:59 & i want to stay alive11:59 – Blondie ***Howard

10. “boy most women just want a man for his mind or his money baby I just want you for your songtitle ooh I only live for satisfyin you no other man can do the things you do oh baby to my songtitle I have always been the type of girl to try to get to know a man for his mind oh baby it’s your songtitle need to got to have your songtitle

11. “twister does anyone see through you you’re a twister an animal but you’re so happy now I didn’t go along with you so happy now but you’re going to have to hold on hold on or we’re goin’ to have to move on move on I feel alright & I cried so hard the ridiculous thoughts I feel alright twister I shouldn’t have trusted youRidiculous Thoughts – Cranberries ***JB

12. “title when songtitle songtitle it’s til the day that we die when songtitle songtitle it’s til the day that we die it’s real late bout a quarter to 1 thinking about everything we become I hate it I thought we could make it but I’m ready to dead this”

13. “just something about you the way Im lookin at you whatever you keep lookin at me you gettin scared now, right dont fear me baby its just destiny it feels good right listen I kind of noticed something wasn’t right from the club your front face it’s kind of weird to me since you’re so fine if it’s up to me your face will changeLike I Love You – Justin Timberlake ***chechina

14. “maneater make you work hard make you spend hard make you want all of her love she’s a maneater make you buy cars make you cut cords make you fall real hard in love she’s a maneater make you work hard make you spend hard make you want all of her loveManeater – Nelly Furtado ***Shannon

15. “oh it’s so hot & I need some air oh boy don’t stop cuz I’m halfway there it’s not complicated it’s just syncopated we can read each other’s minds 1 love united 2 bodies synchronizing don’t even need to touch me baby just breathe on me baby just breathe on me we don’t need to touch just breatheBreathe On Me – Britney Spears ***Shannon

16. “sirens ring the shots ring out a stranger cries screams out loud I had my world strapped against my back I held my hands never knew how to act & the same black line that was drawn on you was drawn on me & now it’s drawin me in 6th avenue heartache6th Avenue Heartache – Wallflowers ***CrystalG

17. “coils up & round me teasing your poetry switch me on turn me up oh child of Venus you’re just made for love I need la la la la la la I need ooh la la la la I need la la la la la la I need ooh la la la la you won’t walk for days I wanna waste some time you wanna be so meanOoh La La – Goldfrapp ***Shannon

18. “2:30 in the morning & my gas tank will be empty soon neon sign on the horizon rubbing elbows with the moon a safe haven of sleepless where the deep fryer’s always on radio is counting down the top 20 country songs & out on the porch the fly strip is waving like a flag in the wind y’know i don’t look forward to seeing you again soonUntouchable Face – Ani DiFranco ***Shannon

19. “I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone I certainly do I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at anytime feel free throw it down the caution blocks you from the wind hold it up to the rays you wait & see when the smoke clears you live you learn you love you learnYou Learn – Alanis Morissette ***Shannon

20. “don’t think of yesterday & don’t look at the clock I like to boogie-woogie uh uh it’s like ridin’ on the wind & it never goes away touches everything I’m in got to have it every day music makes the people come together yeahMusic – Madonna ***CrystalG



Bjork released the 2nd single from ‘Volta’ at the end of July, & I’m sharing some remixes with you. Gone are the days of Bjork’s really dancefloor friendly club mixes with the likes of Masters at Work & David Morales, however, her voice can still get quite the workout over some heavier beats. The Simian Mobile Disco mix seems the most dance-able, however the Ghostigital mix is more noisy, but still fun. This release pushes back the next single ‘Declare Independence’ until the fall. This is also continuing the new trend no physical single release in favor of all digital releases through iTunes. Kind of a shame, but also a sign of the future. Enjoy the tunes either way!

Bjork – Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Remix Edit)
Bjork – Innocence (Ghostigital Untouchable Innocence Still Amazes Fearless Remix)
Bjork – Innocence (Mark ‘Spike’ Stent Radio Edit)

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.”

— Samuel Johnson

If I didn’t already say, I put in an offer on a house (condo) on Friday the 17th, & it was accepted on Saturday the 18th. I’m supposed to settle on September 17th. So that means in under 30 days, barring any disasters, I should become a happy homeowner. How I look forward to signing my life away!!