Amazing Spider-Man #543 – After Spidey laid the royal smackdown to Kingpin last issue, not much left for this issue except to set the stage for Aunt May to maybe die, & MJ to maybe leave Pete. Lots of changes to happen wih Spidey.
Astonishing X-Men #22 – Finally… this story has the possibility of being incredible, but the shipping schedule is driving me nutty. Plus, news is in, the writer of my favorite book from 2006 – ‘Nextwave’, Warren Ellis will be taking over this book when Joss Whedon leaves. WOO-fuckin-HOO!!!!!
Cable & Deadpool #44 – I lost the last issue… I dunno where it went… so I’ll be buying issues 43 & 44 tonight to check out Wolverine’s guest appearance on this book.
The Order #2 – The first issue didn’t suck… & I really dug the art… so I’ll give issue 2 a chance.
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 – This book isn’t my favorite of all the World War Hulk business, but it doesn’t totally suck either.
X-Men #202 – Oh my god!! Adjective-less hasn’t been this awesome in years. So much action going on, with bits of siginificant story still going on as well. This is THE X-book to be reading right now!!