I know ModFab has bugged me about sweating Tori Amos a lot lately… but what can I say… I’m stoked about the VIP tix Shanty & I got for her DC show in October, and I’ve been remembering recently a lot of what attracted me to her music a million years ago. And being that today is her 44th birthday, I figure I should ride her jock a little more!

Tori Amos – Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas (Timo on Tori QB Edit)
Ellen Amos – Baltimore
Tori Amos – Concertina (Live 1999 – WHFS Just Passing Thru)
Tori Amos – Siren
Tori Amos – Sweet The Sting (Live Edit – London 2005)
Tori Amos – Girl (Everybody Else’s Mix)

And some video magic for you too!!