So I’m mostly better from the cold that had me out of action for most of the week. I just tried to do some pre-posting to make up for the last 3 days of not doing anything. Everything will resume in a timely manner on Monday, until then it’ll be patchy posts from the home PC over the weekend.

In other news, it’s been a bitch of a time trying to get registered for class this fall, but at this time it looks like I’ll be trying to take ‘Principles of Internet’ – a class that was cancelled when I went to take it in the summer, since the ‘Sociology’ class I wanted to take is full. It’s another accelerated class, so I should be all done with school for the Fall before the big Mexico trip. Woohoo!!

Other big news, plans have got all set in motion today with realtors & mortgage people. I’ve been pre-approved for a loan, & am going to look at a condo tomorrow. Let’s cross our fingers & pray for my sanity. And feel free to send me toys or something, cuz I’m feeling WAY too grown up right now!

So anyway, sorry posting dwindled while I was sick, but things should be returning to normal. Wish me luck!!