Brave & The Bold #6 – The conclusion to the first arc in the surprisingly fun new DC series. We’ve hopped dimensions & decades & still believably changed up the roster. Last month’s fight between Batman & the Legion was ace btw!

Captain America #29 – More in the aftermath of Cap’s death, Winter Soldier has killing on his mind, & Sharon & the Falcon have finding the Winter Soldier on theirs. Who will win!?

Catwoman #70 – A tie-in to Amazons Attack that didn’t really feel like a tie-in, plus it had an even more ambivalent ending. Oh yeah, I already read this one.

New X-Men #41 – I had to order issue 40 on eBay… so I need to catch up to find out how the possible return of Magik turns out.

Sub-Mariner #3 – Read this one already too. Namor asks the X-Men for help, Wolvie tries to kick his ass, but the Prof decides to help Subby out. Then he pisses the Prof off, & gets the boot. Then Venom picks up where Wolvie left off. The fight you never knew you wanted to see, Venom vs. Namor.