Only a little bit of alleged news this week. Apparently they have narrowed the potential tracks for the new album to 20 tracks. ONly a couple more to get picked off before they have it close to finished. Still no word on the first single, but word it out that it shold be surfacing in early fall. Which isn’t too far away, so while we’re waiting for the new single, let’s reflect back to Kylie’s last single. The second new song recorded for ‘Ultimate Kylie’ – Giving You Up.

Howard asked for the remixes and who am I to say no!?

Kylie Minogue – Giving You Up (Riton QB Rub Edit)
Kylie Minogue – Giving You Up (Alter Ego Radio Edit)
Kylie Minogue – Giving You Up (Ellectrika’s Intoxicated 12″ Remix)

One of the 2 new tracks recorded for the the ‘Ultimate Kylie’ greatest hits package was ‘Giving You Up’ a Xenomania produced track that became the project’s second & final single. The song is a sassy little pop nugget, with a tongue in cheek video showcasing Kylie, who is known for her petite stature, prancing around at giant height, standing at at least twice the size of the men in the video.

The song reached #6 in the UK, her 13th consecutive top 10 hit in the 00’s, & her 39th top 10 hit. So with that reminder, I can’t wait to see if the fall will see Kylie’s 40th top ten UK single!!