Avengers Classic #3 – Hulk vs. the Avengers – 60’s style. lus Namor guest stars, and who should be showing up next issue?? A non-dead 60’s Captain AMerica. Woohoo!!!
Exiles #97 – A Dr. Doom led Utopia or Reed Richards’ underground resistance. Who knows which side is better, but the Exiles are divided.
Incredible Hulk #109 – Some bullshit is happening at Madison Square Garden then can reveal more about the HUlk and his motivations. I guess it’s not the Bjork concert comin up in September!
New Avengers #33 – Some new villains come out of the woodwork. Since the secret Avengers have had an easy go with this whole new anyone could be a Skrull sub-plot. Jinkies!
New Excalibur #22 – Whoooy. A new issue. Another chapter in this arc that’s been about 5 chapters too long. This book continues to disappoint.
Omega Flight #5 – The conclusion to one of the best series to come out of the Initiative. Someones gonna die, & hopefully they’ll reveal somthing about the future of the team.
Punisher War Journal #10 – The conclusion to Punny’s battle with the all-new Hatemonger. Should be interesting to see it resolved. Should be even more interesting next month when the Winter Soldier comes to kill Punny.
World War Hulk: Front Line #3 – This could be one of my favorite covers of the year. Just saying… more everyman views of the War with the Hulk.
Ultimate X-Men #85 – The Senitnels are back, & more information on the Ultimate Mutant Liberation Front is revealed.
X-Factor #22 – So now the team has been assigned to rescue to kid singers who sing anti-mutant propaganda songs. Oh, & one of the girls on the team is pregnant. Who can it be now?