Fantastic Four #548 – The Frightful 4 versus the Fantastic 4, er… 6… So are Reed & Sue on vacay, or in the fight. Who knows!
Irredeemable Ant-Man #11 – So I’m continually ready to stop reading this book, & then they leave a good cliffhanger. In this issue, Eric O’Grady has finally been captured by SHIELD. Is this the end of Ant-Man, or just another bump in the road?
Midnighter #10 – New writer Keith Giffen starts up in time for regular artist Chris Sprouse to return. I’ve enjoyed the self contained stories, but now I’m ready for a new story-arc.
Ms. Marvel #18 – Ms. Marvel brings some real heroes onto her team – Machine Man & Sleepwalker. OK, so they’re not the coolest characters, but still, it beats random disposable SHIELD agents.
New Avengers: Illuminati #4 – The cover of this is really clever, all the lady loves of the 5 Illuminati members. Apparently this issue deals with some sort of confrontation with Marvel Boy.
New Warriors #3 – Jubilee is back. I can’t contain my joy over this book. They brought back Jubilee. No word on whether she’s re-powered, & it looks like they have a couple more tricks up there sleeve as far as the team roster. Can’t wait!!
Thor #2 – Wow. Goldilocks is back. The first issue was a little… far out, but I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Uncanny X-Men #489 – Who better to help out the X-Men with the Morlock mystery then, er… the Fantastic 4. I guess that could work…
World War Hulk #3 – This issue Dr. Strange vs. the Hulk. So. Can’t. Wait!