August 2007

In a week where we’ve seen new material from both Madonna (weak) & Britney (decent), Camp Kylie still remains tight lipped with any more news. A new rumor is out that she did a song with Mark Ronson. Another rumor leaked claiming the lead single will be a track called ‘2 Hearts’ (not a cover of the craptastic Phil Collins song). As far as official news. Not a f-ing thing. So there’s the new rumors, but nothing to take to heart.

Meanwhile, a promo clip for the ‘White Diamond’ documentary was added months ago to the website. If you’re computer is too fancy like mine (i.e. a Mac), you couldn’t view it… luckily the magic of youtube fixes that problem:

Apparently that will play over the closing credits… we’ll see I guess!!

Since nothing else is happening… here’s a little toonage from one of the best unofficial Kylie remixers out there – Project K!!!

Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You (Project K QB Edit)
Kylie Minogue – Dreams (Project K Edit)
Kylie Minogue – Loving Days (Project K Mix)

Britney leaked!
Britney Spears – Gimme More

Britney Spears – Cold As Fire

Couldn’t resist. Try as I might, I just can’t hate her. For every crappy career move & bland ballad she does, she goes & releases a great single. FYI, ‘Gimme More’ is supposed to be the lead single for the comeback album, & ‘Cold as Fire’, an album cut/b-side. So here’s what I think:
Gimme More – Perfect new single for her! It sounds like the music she wants to be making, just enough blend of hip-hop & dance. Lyrics that just touch on her personal shit & her voice doesn’t sound too bad. I see it getting decent airplay, a lot with the right promotion. Only time will tell if she’s her own worst enemy.
Cold As Fire – Stupid title aside, this isn’t bad for an album track for her. Her album tracks usually SUCK, so this wouldn’t be a bad 1. It kinda sounds like a demo version of her song ‘Do Something’.

Funky Green Dogs – Body (Ashley Beedle Red Hard QB Edit)
Around the turn of the century, you couldn’t go to a club without hearing this song. You probably heard the also excellent Club 69 Mix, but I’m also in love with this one. It brings an entirely different vibe to the table. Enjoy!!

Kristine W – Clubland (Thunderpuss QB Edit)
This song was massive in the clubs back around 99/2000. Never truly released as a single, it was the longest teaser song for an album. Played for months and every time my friends and I would lose our collective shit. Great energy and great ‘time-to-party’ lyrics. Enjoy… it’s one of my all-time favorites!!

Busy morning here! I’ve noticed that a chunk of my outgoing links for mp3 files have been dead links. That’s no good!! So I just went through all of my music posts from January 2007 to the present to update the links with working ones. So happy mp3 searching, because everything should work now. If you come to a post with a link thast doesn’t work… please let me know in the comments section, and I’ll fix it ASAP!! Thanks for coming by, & I hope y’all keep checking back!!!


Hi all! Shanty here posting on Robbie’s blog while he sorts through pictures.

What can I say? We’re awesome exciting people.

Anyway, I found this old comic book cell or frame (Whatever, ask Robbie.) about Wonder Woman facing one of the biggest enemies known to women still to this day… Vanity.

Girl, you know it’s true. ooo ooo ooo…

Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll post something to my own blog sometime soon!


xox, shanty

I’ve had my issues with Alicia Keys over time. Her debut album was decent, but WAY over-hyped. Then her first single from her second CD was over-indulgent (a phone conversation right in the middle!? Come on…). However I’ve come to terms with my dislike of Alicia and realized, she does have some excellent songs. Her new song is no let down. It’s not groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but it is a great R&B song, and I’ve been enjoying it since I heard it for the first time on the radio last night. And you know I’m a sharer… here ya go…

Alicia Keys – No One

Bonus – My favorite Alicia Keys tracks:

Alicia Keys – Karmastition (Mash-up with Stevie Wonder)

Alicia Keys – How Come You Don’t Call Me (Prince cover)


Avengers: The Initiative #5 – What I don’t get about these big crossover things, is that they have this team of superhero trainess really thinking they could fuck with the Hulk. Really? The Hulk!? Who just took out Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, & conquered an entire planet of warring alien races!? I guess they really wanted a tie-in… but I can’t imagine anyone on this team doing much more then getting caught between the Hulk’s toes!
Black Panther #30 – More of the Fantastic Four in Zombie-ville. Not a bad arc not a great arc… just more of the same average chugging along we’ve come to expect on this title.
Fanatastic Four #549 – I’m digging the return of Reed & Sue. I’ve been skeptical of the whole Black Panther & Storm on the FF, but this arc has been decent reading. Plus… Kang returned last issue. Or at least it looks that way!
The Last Fantastic Four Story – I didn’t think I was gonna snag this one, but it’s a light week… & it’s written by Stan Lee… aka God! Plus art by John Romita Jr. 2 Marvel legends… why did I think I wasn’t gonna buy it?? Shame on me!!
Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook – Preview of the new big storyline that’s gonna shake up everything for Spidey. Allegedly he & MJ are gonna split. If the book from Free Comic Book Day is any indication, Aunt May probably isn’t gonna die though.
World War Hulk: X-Men #3 – The end to the quickie mini for the X-Men tie-in to the big summer crossover. I’m excited about this 1, because last issue saw a chunk of the extended X-family coming in to save the day. And I’m a sucker for seeing a bunch of characters in one book!

Here’s some random choices from my iTunes that I’ve felt compelled to share… Enjoy!!
Kleerup ft Robyn – With Every Heartbeat (Jensen Radio Edit)
Robyn’s finally getting a bunch of attention in the UK. She’s been whizzing her way up the charts all over Europe. We in America remember her for her hit “Show Me Love” in the mid-90’s, but lately she’s become something of an electronic goddess in Europe. Give her a spin!

Nelly Furtado – Somebody to Love
Nelly’s ‘Loose’ album was so sublime that I’ve really paid minimal attention to the bonus tracks. Here’s one of them and it includes some great Spanish guitar… among other fun noises!

Calvin Harris – Merrymaking at My Place (Deadmaus Remix)
Excellent remix of the new single by the man who’s contributed a few tracks to the new Kylie album, and is making quite the name for himself in the dance music world.


As usual, you don’t have to be a musclebound stud to be HOT! (Not that it always hurts either.) Case in point – Jake Shears – lead singer of the Scissor Sisters and F.O.K. (Friend of Kylie). He’s kinda twinky, kinda boho, really flamboyant, & pretty hot! I’m sure most of you have heard of him at this point, so here’s the pics!


Scissor Sisters – Laura (City Hi-Fi Vocal Mix)
Scissor Sisters – Available (For You)
Scissor Sisters – She’s My Man (Goose Remix Edit)

And he’s even been a little NSFW right before the Sisters made it big!

One of my favorite weekends of the year is coming up…
And I think I’m even gonna make a full out dork commitment and get a 2-day pass:


Click the HERE for a link to the Baltimore Comic Con homepage!!

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