Amazing Spider-Man #542 – This is the conclusion to the Back in Black storyline. Spidey confronts the Kingpin, & the fate of Aunt May should be decided. And since the movie has come & gone from theatres… expect Spidey to be back in red & blue next month.
Black Banther #29 – The cash-in train keeps on passing thru the Black Panther book. Not that this Marvel Zombies storyline is BAD per se, but this book has done nothing but jump on bandwagons since the BP married Storm. Something original would be interesting maybe.
Cable & Deadpool #43 – Is Cable dead? Did he really die last issue? And what’s up with Gambit and Sunfire now that they’re all evil and Marauder-ish!?
Incredible Hulk # 108 – So brainiac teen AMadeus CHo has assembled an unlikely team of comrades for the Hulk as the Hulk is making his first attck on Earth following his return and order to evacuate Manhattan. I hate to say it, but World War HUlk seems to have a much better flow and unity then last year’s Civil War!
Iron Man #20 – I imagine the Hulk is just gonna keep on whooping Iron Man’s ass in this issue too. Which is fine by me, Shellhead’s been asking for a good whooping for months now!
Mighty Avengers #4 – The art and story on this book are great, but have there been shipping delays? I feel like the story is moving a long a bit slowly. Anyway more fighting Ultron and a seemingly possessed army of Iron Mans.
Onslaught Reborn #4 – Wow. Now this book is shipping WAY slow. Remember the original solicits saying this was going to be a bi-weekly mini-series. Well it’s issue 4 and issue 1 came out in like… December? Andyway, I hate the art, but the strory is chugging along nicely.
Wolverine #55 – This is it. Is Wolvie really gonna take Sabretooth out. It would be cool to see, but I really wonder if Marvel would do such a thing.
X-Men #201 – Wow. Issue #200 was a BLOW_OUT. A return of a very familiar team of bad guys,the backfiring of allowing so many ‘former’ villains on the new team, Rogue is going insane, and Iceman banged Mystique. The action in this book is so fast paced, if you don’t pay close attention, it all passes you by.