With just 4-ish albums, & not yet 30 years old, John Mayer is not only HOT, but super talented too. I’ve been a fan of John since the video for “No Such Thing” played 1 late night on VH1 (you know that’s a long time, since I’m pretty sure VH1 hasn’t played a music video in at least 3 years), & have watched him morph from a coffee shop guitar boy, into a credible blues guitarist. While his most recent album took some time to grow on me, it’s an excellent album, that tries to merge his blues & pop stylings together. Oh & I saw him live in Hershey, PA this past Saturday (no I wasn’t one of the 60 some people arrested) & he put on a really honest & incredible show. But enough about his talent, let’s talk about his good looks, cuz that’s all that really matters. I can gleefully report that not only has he let Jessica Simpson go, he also let that awful shaggy haircut go too. He now has a more cropped haircut, to let you see all of his dreamy face. Plus he’s got that smart dork-hottie thing going for him. Check it…


John Mayer – Good Love Is On The Way
John Mayer – Clarity (Single Mix)
John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change (Acoustic Version ft Ben Harper)
John Mayer – Love Soon

Oh… and he made out with previous music hottie Adam Levine. Proof: