Generally I’m not too phased by the Emmy Awards. I don’t watch enough TV to fuss over who wins and loses. But since I’m bored this afternoon, I read the list of nominees as posted by ModFab. My reactions:
– damn there is a shit-ton of technical categories.
– are the Emmy’s trying to tell me that ‘2 & a Half Men’ is better then ‘My 2 Dads’. I think not!
– glad they recognized Heroes, Weeds, & Robot Chicken
– where’s the love for Veronica Mars? I know she’s cancelled & all… but damn

significant kudos to the Emmy People for nominating one of the greatest songs ever for the ‘Oustanding Original Music & Lyrics Category’. That’s right – ‘Dick In A Box’ is nominated for an Emmy.

Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg – Dick In A Box