So I may pretend to be a music snob, and be on the cutting edge & above certain types of MOR nonsense. Yeah… NO!

Example #1: I love the Spice Girls. With their pending reunion, my interest has been peaked again. The other morning Shanty phoned me on the drive to work to let me know that “Wannabe” was on the radio. I immediately changed stations & was able to sing every word to her over the phone. Then we had a road trip over the weekend & both “Say You’ll Be There” & “Spice Up You Life” were on the car trip mix, & again, I could sing along to every word. And I’m not embarassed about that.

Example #2: I’m usually all about the dance music. Anything with a chugging beat and a hot bassline, and I’m happy. I also frequently dabble in hip-hop, punk, and any of the next big things coming out of the UK. And then I occasionally get suckered into whatever middle-of-the-road light-rock adult contemporary business is going on on the radio. And here’s some ew tunes we can expect to be hearing in that genre very soon.

Matchbox 20 – Look How Far We’ve Come
KT Tunstall – Hold On
Ben Jelen – Where Do We Go
Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call