Avengers Classic #2 – I’m digging the new reprint series for Marvel’s babydolls – the Avengers! The back up stories were cute last issue, and I expect more of the same this time. And only a couple more issues until the reprint of the rebirth of Captain America. How exciting!
Avengers: Initiative #4 – Instead of having the grown ups fuck with the majorly pissed off Hulk, for some reason they’re sending in the hero trainees. Go figure. Maybe Hulk is catching them by surprise.
Brave & The Bold #5 – Batman & the Legion of Superheroes. How random and fantastic is this going to be!?
Captain America #28 – The new Serpent Squad is debuting this issue. I dunno how Cap can have new villains when he’s pushing up daisies, but it’s happening nonetheless. Plus some new on Nick Fury.
Catwoman #69 – Some time killing before Selina apparently joins the Outsiders. The outsiders are a mediocre group of heroes who are too old to be Teen Titans yet too lame to be on the Justice League. Catwoman is so better than that!
New X-Men #40 – More drama unfolds with the return of the undead Magik, and Belasco demonizing the X-kids. I’m excited for Illyana to return, but the story seems a little drawn out.
World War Hulk #2 – I’ve finally finished the Planet Hulk hardcover, so I’ll be all caught up on World War Hulk ASAP!
World War Hulk: Front Line #2 – Ditto!
World War Hulk: X-Men #2 – The Astonishing X-Men join in the fight with Hulk. Will the Great Green Badass kick their asses, or will they reach an agreement?