I’m so disappointed. I’ve just found out that last night’s program “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America” is not indeed a new series, but is apparently a one-off TV special.
It was really entertaining, and revived my interest in my second favorite Spice Girl after Ginger/Geri. Hopefully enough people tuned in to make this an actual show, or at least crack out a few more specials. I loved her sense of humor, and her dry wit, and she was never shy about making fun of herself. The only down side I can think of is that she actually had coffee with Perez Hilton. Yuck! So let me know what you thought kids. Did you watch? Were you entertained? Do you want to see more?

I sure do!!

And as a bonus, here’s 3 clips of her short-lived solo career.

Victoria Beckham – Let Your Head Go
Victoria Beckham – Not Such An Innocent Girl (Sunship Edit)
Victoria Beckham – This Groove