On last week’s Kylie post, I got an off-topic comment, but a welcome one, from new reader windee – a song request for the lovely ’22 Steps’ by Andy Stochansky. Never one to let people down, I dug up the mp3, and am sharing it today.

So before I get to the actual song, I welcome all of you readers out there to feel free to ask for songs. The worst I can say is ‘I don’t have that one’, but the chances of that are slim, since I’m a music junkie with very few boundaries.

Andy Stochansky started out as the tour drummer for Ani DiFranco (one of my faves). After some time, he was signed to RCA as a solo artist, and has recorded sevreal albums, and continues to write and record for himself and other artists wordlwide. I think I initially heard this song on a TV show, or something, and it is gorgeous. Sweet and simple. Check it out!!

Andy Stochansky – 22 Steps