Exiles #96 – Thekids hop to a new dimension where Dr. Doom rules the world, and surprisingly enough, it’s a crime free utopia. At least until the Exiles figure out what smells fishy.
New Avengers #32 – So. Elektra is a Skrull. Or who they thought was Elektra is a Skrull. Or something happened to Elektra, and she was replaced by a Skrull. Fuckin’ Skrulls! I’m so confused.
New Excalibur #21 – Some bad people from the past come to fight the team. Or gather up to eventually fight the team. This book is so boring I’m actually thinking about dropping it. Me. Dropping a book starring Dazzler. That’s how mediocre it is!
Omega Flight #4 – This mini is awesome, and they really need to make it into an ongoing. The art is awesome, and the story keeps charging along with only one issue left after this one. Then again, can I really afford another book monthly… hmmm.
Punisher War Journal #9 – I’m finishing off this story line, then I’ll probably be done with Punny for a while. The art has been beautiful, and the story is good. Punisherjust doesn’t do it that much for me.
Sub-Mariner #2 – Atlantis is having issues with the surface world. Again. Probably because Iron Man and Namor are both assholes. Namor wears little green shorts, so he totally wins in my books!
Ultimate X-Men #84 – Bishop debuts his new team of X-Men in this book. Since the old team broke up when the Prof “died”, Bishop just wants to prove that you can’t keep some good bitches down!
X-Factor #21 – A new villain debuts this issue. Whoppee! And I can’t wait to see the aftermath of the (possibly gay) Rictor getting temporarily re-powered last issue. Buy this Book. And all the trades!
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 – Another World War Hulk tie-in. If It’s not sold out, I’ll buy it. If it is, I’ll wait for the trade.