All-Star Superman #8 – This series ships every other month. So it’s a book with great art & great story, but by the time every issue comes out, I can’t rememebr what the hell happened in the last issue. Something with Bizarro maybe? I dunno.
Astounding Wolf-Man #2 – I’ll check this one out after enjoying the free issue that was given away for Free Comic Book Day. Who Knows, maybe I’ll have werewolves to fall back on when I get bored with zombies.
Irredeemable Ant-Man #10 – I think I’ve figured out my problem with Ant-Man. Basically he’s a criminal on the run. When thinking of committing crimes, the main reason I’m not a criminal is because I know at some point I’d get caught. Even if it’s not right away, you’re constantly aware that 1 day it’s gonna happen. So Ant-Man is running around doing all this shit with a stolen suit, & I keep thinking, sooner or later!? Is it that hard – considering all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe – for someone to just catch this motherfucker. Jeez!?
Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #5 – Say it isn’t so. With the rate of Marvel Zombies gettin’ killed, it’s not like this could be an ongoing series. But it was so much fun while it lasted!! If you slept on it, you MUST pick up the hardcover that comes out in a few months!
Midnighter #9 – One more month of filler until a new writer takes over. It used to be that I preferred self-contained stories in comics, but it’s so not the norm now, that I’m almost tired of Midnighter not having an edpisodic storyline to follow. Crikey!
Ms. Marvel #17 – One more crack at MODOK before a traitor on Carol’s squad is revealed, & someone allegedly dies. It won’t be Ms. Marvel or Wonder Man, so it’ll probably be 1 of her SHIELD agents, who no one cares about yet. So it won’t really matter!
New Warriors #2 – The first issue was so great & I can’t wait to read this 1 either!! Bringing back characters from all over, this book is really full of surprises!
Runaways #27 – Now we start the arc mixing the Runaways kids with ye olde days. Can’t wait to see how badly the kids DON’T fit in in the past!
Loners #4 – They really brough Penance back!? Really. Generation X fans rejoice! Even though I’m not sure about the direction for this series anymore. Still a decent read!
Thor #1 – After they teased us in Civil War, Goldilocks is really back this time kids. Thor bit it back when the Avengers disassembled, and they teased us with Donald Blake walking toward Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) in the Fantastic 4 prologue to Civil War. But then the Thor who fought everyone in Civil War turned out to be a cyborg clone. This 1 is the real deal though, & I can’t wait!
Uncanny X-Men #488 – I’m not thrilled with the art on this series now, but I am digging Storm’s return, & Professor X being a schemer instead of a martyr. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess!