By the late 90’s, Kylie’s music career was at it’s lowest. Her previous album, 1997’s ‘Imposssible Princess’, though critically lauded, didn’t set many charts on fire. It was her first album where she wrote all the songs on it, but it’s darker direction and indie rock-tinged singles didn’t sit well with many people. However, her comeback was brewing.
In, 2000, Kylie launched her ‘Light Years’ album with the lead single ‘Spinning Around’. The album was a return to her dance-pop roots, and was a fun & happy album, far from the darker elements of IP. ‘Spinning Around’ (which was co-written by Paula Abdul) was a fun dancepop single, with disco inflections and undeniable grooves. It brought Kylie back to the #1 position in the UK and Australia, as well as a few other countries. Oh and then there’s the video…

The video made Kylie’s bum a household name too. Wearing a pair of gold hotpants she picked up in a vintage store for a few bucks, her ass almost stole the show from our girl. The video opens with a shot of her ass as she’s walking into a club. Her bum became a phenom of J-Lo proportions. As well it should, just look:
So while we’re sitting around waiting on pins and needles for new material, just remember how she knocked it out of the park 7 years ago!!

Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around (7th District Club Mental Radio Edit)
Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around (Sharp Vocal Edit)