This post is a week late. Blame school. Blame the heat. Either way, better late, than never!!
A week ago marked the official first day of Summer 2007. I’ll be doing it right with — summer school. Ha! Beyond that, I’ll be heading to a mystery destination for Shanny’s birthday in 3 weeks, plus DC for the 4th of July, Hershey Park to see John Mayer, to Florida for a week to beach it up & visit my folks, and I’m sure some surprise trips to the beach will be popping up! And I’ve almost finished my first summer session class – Intro to Business. I’ll be taking the final tomorrow, and I should hold a solid B with a slight chance at a low A. Can’t believe that shit!! Next up is ‘Principles of Internet’, and judging by the course description, I could teach the class. Whatev… gotta do what you gotta do. Hope everyone out there has a fantastic summer, and keep checking back here. Even if I’m not around, there will still be posts & what-not!

And now I give you a remix of the ultimate summer anthem:
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Summertime (Hybrid Remix)

And these songs are great for summer as well, but aren’t yet as legendary as that tune!! Enjoy!
Justin Timberlake – Summer Love (Remix ft Status Quo)
Bob Marley vs. Funkstar de Luxe – Sun Is Shining (Radio Mix)
kd lang – Summerfling (Calderone Radio Mix)
Sheryl Crow – Soak Up The Sun (Sunsweep Radio Mix)