Black Panther #28 – Black Panther is always one to blaze his own trail. He avoided the whole Civil War thing, & the following Initiative set-up, & has taken a firm stance on he & his wife, Storm, to NOT join any already existing superteams. Now, in a fit of creativivity, they’re going to fight the Marvel Zombies that are so unpopular. Oh, BTW, only part of this write-up is true.
Cable & Deadpool #42 – Cable tried to be the savior of his own utopian island nation. Bring the X-Men in for one fight with some super-baddy from space, and the fucker’s about to sink into the ocean. Good thing Deadpool showed up to go down with the ship!
Fantastic Four #547 – Reed & Sue, even if they’re on vacay from the team, have been getting strange messages. Plus Ben & Johnny deal with the fallout of their battle with the Marvel Zombies. Wat a minute… isn’t this fight just starting over in Black Panther. Guess it’ll have a happy ending!
Silent War #6 – Well this war is drawing to a close. In an effort to remind us never to trust the government, the military is sending a bunch of mutant freaks with only days left to live off to the moon to try and wipe out the Inhumans. Who are immortal, don’cha know!
Thunderbolts #115 – This series has been a really great read since the relaunch, and this closes off the first arc. I probably won’t read it anymore, but it has been really suprising!
Ultimate X-Men #83 – The X-Men start their fight with the mysteriopus Ultimate Morlocks… led by Nightcrawler. Oh snap!
World War Hulk: Front Line #1 – The every man’s view of the war being fought with that pissy little butch, the Hulk. My only hope is that they don’t try and get artsy with some lame-ass poem in the end like during Civil War.
World War Hulk: X-Men #1 – Just look at the cover. The Hulk is strangling Professor X. Who’s there to save him? The New X-Men kids. Prof… you’re kinda screwed!
X-Factor #20 – Just read it. The best characterization and balance of drama and comedy of all the maistream comics out there.
X-Men #200 – 200 issues. Besides having a gorgeous cover (and 2 pretty nice variants), this issue sounds awesome!! Rogue is on the brink of insanity after absorbing almost a million minds last issue, Cable is back on his island, and Lady Mastermind is probably still a villain. What else could go wrong? Oh yeah, Gambit & Sunfire are returning, but as part of the Marauders, the bad guys who killed most of the Morlocks, along with maiming Angel, back in the 80’s during the Mutant Massacre. Shoulda had a V8!!