OK… I’ve been going through a bunch of back-up mp3 cd’s an unearthed this GEM of a song. Dajae is one of those legend of house music, but the average person has no clue who she is. Her dance hits include ‘Brighter Days’, ‘U Got Me Up’, ‘Fake & Phonies’, & ‘Day By Day’. But then there is this remix. If you’ve seen one of my all-time favorite movies ‘Party Girl’ the song is in there for a HOT second, but missing from the soundtrack. This one of those legendary songs, that in ye olde days when I was clubbing all the damn time, my friends & I would LOSE OUR SHIT to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it to, since it is one of my all-time favorite songs!

Dajae – Brighter Days (Underground Goodies Mix)