The Rules
Put your iTunes on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess the song & artist. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!! So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

1. “I’ll close my eyes then I won’t see the love you dont feel when you’re holding me morning will come & I’ll do whats right just give me till then to give up this fight &I will give up this fight cuz I can’t make you love me if you don’t you cant make your heart feel something it won’tI Can’t Make You Love Me – Patti LaBelle ***Shannon

2. “they go into the seas that have no shores haunted by that same closed door looking up at skies on fire leaving nothing left of us to discover & the planets of the universe go their way not astounded by the sun or the moon or by the day you & I will simply disappear out of sightPlanets of the Universe – Stevie Nicks ***Howard

3. “I think that you’re afraid to look in my eyes you look a little sad boy I wonder why I follow you around but you can’t see you’re too wrapped up in yourself to notice so you choose to look the other way well I’ve got something to say don’t try to run I can keep up with you nothing can stop me from tryingOpen Your Heart – Madonna ***Howard

4. “And the sun was wondering if it should stay away for a day til the feeling went away & the sky was falling on the clouds were dropping & the rain forgot how to bring salvation the dogs were barking at the new moon whistling a new tune hoping it would come soon so that they could dieAll Good Things – Nelly Furtado***Shannon

5. “there’s a dark secret in me don’t leave me locked in your heart set me free feel the need in me set me free stay forever & ever & ever & ever la la la la la la la la I just can’t get you out of my headCan’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue ***Shannon

6. “you say you still care for me but your heart & soul needs to be free & now that youve got your freedom you wanna still hold on to me you dont want me for yourself so let me find somebody else why don’cha be a man about it & set me free now you dont care a thing about me youre just using meYou Keep Me Hanging On – Kim Wilde ***CrystalG

7. “u take a stroll into the morning sun u make a Happy Meal a portion for 1 u steal the wallet of a man with a gun u make this seem like a whole lot of fun yeah u do u’ll make new shapes with ur hands on a wall u’re driving a nail while u’re taking a call u wouldn’t care if u had nothing at allYou’re My Flame – Zero 7 ***Shannon

8. “what kinda of girl you like I know my looks can be deceiving tell me am I your type my main goal is to please ya what’s on the schedule tonight am I the reason you’ll be treatin I hope you have an appetite so tell will you come & spend the night My Love Is Like Whoa – Mya***Shannon

9. “I ain’t got no money I ain’t got no car to take you on a date I can’t even buy you flowers but together we could be the perfect soulmates talk to me girl oh baby it’s alright now you ain’t gotta flaunt for me if we go & touch you can still touch my love it’s free we can work without the perks just you & meThe Way I Are – Timbaland ***Chechina

10. “I know she told you I know she told you that she loved you much more than I do but I know she left you & you swear that you just don’t know why well you know that I’ll always be round if you ever want me come on & songsongtitle songtitle songtitle yeah oh like you always seem to do”

11. “it’s morning I wake up the taste of summer sweetness on my mind it’s a clear day in this city let’s go dance under the street lights all the people in this world let’s come together more than ever I can feel it can you feel it come on over down to the corner my sisters & my brothers of every different colorStreetcorner Symphony – Rob Thomas ***EddieZ

12. “step in time step in time come on mateys step in time step in time step in time step in time never need a reason never need a rhyme step in time step in timeStep In Time – Mary Poppins OLCR***Shannon

13. “I sit & wait does an angel contemplate my fate & do they know the places where we go when we’re grey & old cos I´ve been told that salvation lets their wings unfold so when I’m lying in my bed thoughts running through my head & I feel that love is dead I’m loving angels insteadAngels – Robbie Williams ***Howard

14. “my friend’s got a girlfriend man he hates that bitch he tells me every day he says man I really gotta lose my chick in the worst kind of way she sits on her ass he works his hands to the bone to give her money every payday but she wants more dinero just to stay at home well my friend you gotta sayWhy Don’t You Get A Job – Offspring ***CrystalG

15. “mm whacha say mm that it’s just what we need you decided this mm whacha say mm what did she say ransom notes keep falling out your mouth mid-sweet talk newspaper word cut outs speak no feeling no I don’t believe you I dont believe you you don’t care a bit you don’t care a bitHide & Seek – Imogen Heap***Shannon

16. “well I see them every night in tight blue jeans in the pages of a blue boy magazine hey I’ve been thinking of a new sensation I’m picking up good vibration oop she bopdo I wanna go out with a lion’s roar yea I wanna go south & get me some moreShe Bop – Cyndi Lauper ***Howard

17. “what’s this feeling my love will rip a hole in the ceiling givin myself to you from the essence of my being sing to my God all these songs of love & healing want Mashiach now so it’s time we start revealingKing Without a Crown – Matisyahu ***tm

18. “tending the garden of noise when I grow the traffic & the churchbells & the neighborhood boys singing to myself as the solitude sets in in tune with the symphony of south Brooklyn I sing rockabye rockabye baby rockabye the baby that is me rockabye rockabye baby rockabye til I’m fast asleepRockabye – Ani DiFranco***Shannon

19. “I keep your picture upon the wall it hides a nasty stain that’s lyin’ there so don’t you ask me to give it back I know you know it doesn’t mean that much to me I’m not in love no no it’s because ooh you’ll wait a long time for me ooh you’ll wait a long timeI’m Not In Love (10cc cover) – Tori Amos ***Howard

20. “baby you have become my addiction I am so strung out on you I can barely move but I like it & it’s all because of you all because of you & its all because of you all because of you never get enough she is so sweet as drugs ain’t no doubt so strung outBecause of You – Ne-Yo ***CrystalG