Have I mentioned that Kylie has a little sister who is also a moderately successful pop diva. Because no one can take over the world without a mini-me.
Seriously though, the Minogue sisters deny a sibling rivalry, and Dannii has produced some quality stuff in her career. With 4 albums and a bunch of singles, Dannii has carved a decent niche (though considerably smaller than her sister’s) for herself in the pop/dance market. She also a firm supporter of gay rights and AIDS awareness. She is getting ready to pursue some television endeavors in the UK, and has been hanging with her sister quite frequently lately.
So if you’re getting restless waiting for Kylie’s new album, give her sister a spin!
Dannii Minogue – I Begin To Spin Around
Dannii Minogue – Everlasting Night (2003 Radio Mix)
Dannii Minogue – So Under Pressure (Soul Seekerz Club Edit)