So on my dashboard (it’s where I edit my blog from), there is a function where you can find out how much and where from people are finging and reading your blog.

“Kylie Minogue Porno Video”

Is how 2 perverts found my blog yesterday. ENtering that phrase into their search engine. I know I really shouldn’t care how people find my blog, as long as my numbers go up and I can eventually get ads on here. But ew!

First of all, there are no Kylie Minogue sex tapes in existence. She’s not Paris Hilton, people – Kylie has class! And even if she did, my blog would not be a showcase for that video.

I have too much respect and admiration for her to make here a piece of cho-cha. So no dirty Kylie videos here. Ever.

However as soon as a Chris EVans sex tape leaks. I’m buying a hi-def TV and finding 3 copies. Go figure!?