Amazing Spider-Man #541 – I think Aunt May is going to bite it very soon. It’s been hinted for a while, and last issue the word from the hospital was not good. It’s a shame. Aunt May was/is hot.
Brave & The Bold #4 – Supergirl and Lobo team up. What happens when the perv and the whore have an adventure. Who knows!?
Captain America #27 – Apparently the Winter Soldier (Cap’s old partner, Bucky), now has himself a vendetta to ice Iron Man. Cuz that’ll be easy!
Catwoman #68 – Selina is pretty much fucked. Hammer & Sickle (stereotypes) are ruining her pretend life, and now that she’s a mommy, that’s not a good thing.
Ghost Rider #12 – In another attempt to boosts Ghost Rider’s sales, he’ll be joinging the fight against the Hulk, who just returned to earth and is a bit pissed he was sent away. Is it just me, or shouldn’t the Hulk be able to kick GR’s ass 6 ways from Sunday?
Heroes for Hire #11 – The tards who don’t deserve a title tussle with all the other space-baddies that the Hulk brough with him to Earth. Somehow I’m sure they’ll win though!
Incredible Hulk #107 – The continuing saga of Hulk being all emo and angry that he was banished from Earth. He’ll be dying his hair black and listening to a lot of My Chemical Romance. Oh and whining… lots of whining. This green giant is not so jolly.
Iron Man #19 – Iron Man’s book is pretty sucky, really. Kinda boring, and I’m still not convinced that Tony Stark is NOT a jackass. However, he’s one of the main folks responsible for chucking the Hulk into outer space. Whose side would you be on?
Moon Knight #11 – MK confronts his demons, and might be a little bit crazy. But… you know, we’re never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy.
X-Men: Endagered Species #1 – This starts the big summer crossover for the X-Men off. You remember how the Scarlet Witch “cured” most of mutant-kind after the House of M. Yeah, oopsy, now there are no new mutant births, and every stinkin’ mutie that dies makes them a little bit closer to extinction. I’m sure that won’t stop the writers from killing off a couple more. Anyway, this starts it off right!