Janet! Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.
Janet Jackson – Megamix 04 (Chris Cox Radio Edit)
Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation (CHR 7″ Remix)
Janet Jackson – Together Again (Jonathan Peters Radio Mix)
Janet Jackson – Throb (Short Mix)
Janet Jackson ft Blackstreet – I Get Lonely (TNT Remix Edit)

Back when she sang about something besides her cho-cha and Jermaine Dupri (aka the Mayor of Munchkin City); when she worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and every album was a blend of fun pop, social conciousness, and some crazy dance music, just waiting for a video to show you how sexy and versatile Janet is. She’s not the strongest singer, but damn if she isn’t one of our generation’s greatest performers. Remember ‘If’, ‘Control’, ‘Love Will Never Do’, ‘Got Til It’s Gone’, hell even ‘All For You’. Her twin-spin debacle of ‘Damita Jo’ which was barely tolerable, into ’20 Y.O.’, and all of it’s blah-ness; has made me wonder if she can hop off the J.D. Titanic of ‘Glitter’ proportions and ever make a decent record again.

Can she? Can showing her titty (intentional or accidental) really be that ruinous. Weren’t titties our source of nourishment as infants? Are they that evil?

Come back Janet. I miss you!!