Avengers Classic #1 – So Marvel is picking up on the heat the Avengers have been generating the past few months & are starting a reprint series of the original series, with new back-up stories. I’m checking this one out, since I wasn’t alive in the 60’s to read them new. I’m wondering if the Avengers can sustain poularity, & the Iron Man movie is a success, could an Avengers movie happen soon!?
Cable/Deadpool #41 – So Cable’s island is left crippled after the fight with some extraterrestrial baddy (who Rogue laid a supreme smackdown on). What a better time for Deadpool to show up & give Cable trouble!?
Exiles #95 – New artist joining the team after the Exiles first crazy adventure with Psylocke. And now their team advisor is missing. Oops!
New Avengers #31 – Marvel says “No hype! No BS! The most important last page of any Marvel comic this year! Do not miss it!” So what does this mean? My money is that somebody dies. But really… death is so last year… how about bringing some people back to life!?
New X-Men #39 – The X-kids are getting an Limbo-fied ass-whooping. Will Magik show up to save the day? Or are they gonna bump off some more students. If they keep killing them, they’ll have to cancel the book, cuz no one will be left!
Nova #3 – So Nova’s successful return to Earth is continuing wonderfully. Last issue Iron Man told him, what else, to choose a side. This issue he bumps into his old teammate Speedball, who was previously a happy go lucky type, and is now all S&M and a cutter. Wonder how that’s gonna go!?
Punisher War Journal #8 – Punny is now emulating Captain America so much that he’s gone off to fight nazis. In Mexico. Yup, 2007 & then nazis are alive & well south of the border. I don’t get it either, but the art is pretty.
Sub-Mariner #1 – Namor, one of marvel’s oldest heroes is bringing sexy back. In his first solo title in years, he’s again running around in a green speedo and having amazing adventures. Some people shouldn’t wear speedos. Namor TOTALLY should.
World War Hulk #1 – Hulk smash puny Earth. Hulk is a little miffed that the Illuminati bumped him into outer space, so the big summer crossover this year focuses on him bringing the smackdown to Earth. Expect a bunch of damage to happen over the summer!