The Rules
Put your iTunes on random. Post lyrics from the first songs that play. Post it on your blog & let everyone guess the song & artist. When a song is guessed correctly, strike out the lyrics & post the title in bold. Looking the lyrics up on any search engine is cheating!! So, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment. If you’re right, I’ll post your name (or link). Enjoy!

PS – I’m reloading the quiz. I’m going through every song on my iPod, and have started a file to keep track of what’s been played already. So we have 4,000 tunes to go through!! Woohoo!!

1. “girl our love is dying why did you stop trying I never been a quitah but I do deserve betta believe me I will do bad let’s forget the past & let’s start this new plan why cuz it’s the same old routine & then next week I hear them scream” Shut Up – Black Eyed Peas ***Shannon

2. “depending on how you see a thing the ship is free or is it sinking depending on how you see it you cage your mind or you free it depending on how you see the times the world divides or it closely binds but I just wanna hear a good beatGood Beat – Deee-Lite ***Howard

3. “it’s never easy & you never know what leaves you crying & what makes you whole there ain’t no way that I can hold it down falling to pieces forever in doubt but it’s alright why don’t you tell me again how you’ll still be there when the heartache endsWhen The Heartache Ends – Rob Thomas ***Yuri

4. “I feed you I drink you my day & my night I need you I need you by sun or candlelight you protest you want to leave stay there’s no alternative your face appears again I see the beauty there but I see danger stranger beware a circumstance in your naked dreams your affection is not what it seemsObsession (Animotion cover) – Sugababes ***Howard & Shannon

5. “how songtitle could I be a simpleton could see that you’re no good for me but you’re the only 1 I see love has made me a fool it set me on fire and watched as I floundered unable to speak except to cry out & wait for your answer”

6. “1 day up near Salinas Lord I let him slip away he’s looking for that home & I hope he finds it but I’d trade all of my tomorrows for 1 single yesterday to be holding Bobby’s body next to mine freedom is just another word for nothing left to loseMe & My Bobby McGee ***Phillip

7. “vows are spoken to be broken feelings are intense words are trivial pleasures remain so does the pain words are meaningless & forgettableEnjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode ***Howard & Shannon

8. “yo the M-I prrr cat like a semi n***a stole my car why’nt you get my give yo’ ass a black eye oh say bye bye I’ma give your body to the sky run through your clique n***a you pissed on trip I’ma have to bust you in your lips & the whips better have a whole lotta chips cuz I ain’t for no n***a givin’ tips” She’s A Bitch – Missy Elliott ***Shannon & CrystalG

9. “I searched all over could not find someone to hold some peace of mind yesterday is gone nothing else to do but let it go before I lose all of my hopes & my dreams for something that aint real things aint always as they seem cuz theres sunshine after rain & after the night comes morningFound A Cure – Ultra Nate ***Eric

10. “these children have been spoiled I’ve arrived here just in time by chance I’ve brought the punishment that best befits the crime brimstone & treacle& cod liver oil liberal doses of each these are the treats from which children recoil the lessons I’m going to teachBrimstone & Treacle – Mary Poppins OLCR ***Shannon

11. “what you think about a girl like me buy my own car & spend my own money only ring your celly when I’m feeling lonely when it’s all over please get up & leave please don’t call me baby cuz I’ll call you don’t mean to hurt you feelings got a lot to do cuz I’m am my #1 priority no falling in love” Independent Women Pt 2 – Destiny’s Child ***Shannon

12. “was tired of running out of luck thinkin bout giving up yeah didn’t know what to do then there was you & everything went from wrong to right & the stars came out to fill up the sky the music you were playing really blew my mindLove At First Sight – Kylie Minogue ***Howard & Shannon

13. “my concious saying get down off the streets it’s too dangerous and deadly has got you talking around & circles got you see all for the sake of sexy & as my friends say stop before you fall I dont wanna pick you up again he’s got you all romantic & crazier each day you think I listen there’s no wayRed Blooded Woman – Kylie Minogue ***Shannon

14. “she got the nerve to tell me she’s not on it but her expression is too serene yeah she looks like she washes with Comet always looking to create a scene yeah she’s so dull come on rip her to shreds” Rip Her To Shreds – Blondie ***Howard

15. “why are you selling dreams of who you wish you could be a prince in all of the magazines they’d have no words for the man I’ve seen talk real fast fore they see your face & would they love you if they knew all the things we know we’ve got these images we need them to be true not ready to believe we’re no more insecure than you”

16. “oh mm I know a place ain’t nobody cryin ain’t nobody worried ain’t no smilin faces mm no no lyin to the races help me come on come on somebody help me now I’ll take you there help me y’all I’ll take you there help me now I’ll take you there ohI’ll Take You There (Staples Singers cover) – General Public ***Andrew

17. “always remember my friend the world will change again & you may have to come back through everywhere you’ve been when your life was low you had nowhere to go people turned their backs on you & everybody said that you were through I took you in made you strong again”

18. “when I’m walking down the street I call your name inside my head I go insane don’t you know that it’s really making me crazy there were days when I went completely blind no time to think & I lost time won’t believe what’s happened to me lately cos everyday it’s the same day different faces with no names” I Begin To Wonder – Dannii Minogue ***Shannon & Evil Keith

19. “your back’s against the wall there’s no one home to call you’re forgetting who you are you can’t stop crying it’s part not giving in & part trusting your friends you do it all again & I’m not lying oh standing in the way of control you live your life survive the only way that you knowStanding In The Way of Control – The Gossip ***Eric

20. “America is the home of the hypocrite American dream so full of it look at the indians look at the blacks look at the figures look at the facts check out the facts the facts not the lies when you find out big surpriseAmerica Is – Violent Femmes ***Phillip