This should make you happy, ModFab, and get you off my back!

My fave pop diva is hard at work on being the most glamorous woman in the world, and recording her new album.

In the past few weeks some tracks may or may not have been put on the net. They will never say if this was intentional publicity, or someone at Parlophone is a mole. Either way, they’re out there. Allegedly a list of 50 song titles was released, but the validity of that list is questionable. So far, 7 songs from the project have been leaked. In my opinion, they sound like filler, albeit good filler, but there’s not a radio ready single in the crop, so I’m thinking the powers that be decided if they were dumping the tracks anyway, why nopt dump them on the net, to keep the fans appeased and snag some headlines. Only the future can tell, but the album is due by year’s end, and only then will we know if the leaked songs made the cut. A month or two ago the tracks ‘Excuse My French’ & ‘While The Cats Away’ were leaked to confusion over if they were in fact Kylie, or some session singer, or even Dannii. SInce that was never really cleared up, add ‘Sensitized’, ‘In My Arms’, ‘Fall For You’, ‘Stars’, ‘Lose Control’