Avril Lavigne ft Lil’ Mama – Grilfriend (Remix)
I’ve never been a fan of Avril Lavigne. She makes mediocre faux rock… and I guess I’m just not her demographic. Howevere I’m loving her new single Girlfriend. Probably because it sound like a remake of the 80’s hit ‘Mickey’. Now this new remix is almost absurd. They’ve added some raps from new teen rapper du jour, Lil’ Mama. Go figure.

Eve – Tambourine
Eve’s new cut is hot like fire! Here’s the dirty version.

Also, head over to Chris Picks to hear 2 new songs featuring guest raps from my girl, Lil’ Kim!

Keyshia Cole ft Lil’ Kim & Missy Elliott – Let It Go
This track is fucking awesome. GET IT NOW!

DJ Khaled – We Takin’ Over (Remix ft Lil’ Kim, T-Pain, Akon, R. Kelly, & Young Jeezy)
It has Lil’ Kim on it… what other excuse do you need to give it a listen!?