Avengers: The Initiative #3 – This series has turned out to be so much better than it had any business being. A solid read and good art. This issue, we find out who the Beast brought in to teach one of the new superheroes, and it looks like a battle with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a-happening!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #4 – Still not reading this one, but I’m buying it up so I can read it when I’m caught up.
Iron Man #18 – Something happens with shellhead in this one. The story’s a little dense and a little dull… and since this is the last Initiative tie-in… I’m probably dropping it after this issue.
Irredeemable Ant-Man #9 – Looks like a fight with Dragon Man in this issue. A solidly plodding along story… this book confuses me… I’m never disappointed… but never impressed either.
The Loners #3 – What’s next for the possibly reforming superheroes. Only this issue will tell us. And I haven’t read it yet.
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #4 – I can’t believe this is the second to last issue of this mini-series. It has been so amazingly good, I almost forget how good the original Marvel Zombies book was. Luckily the Marvel Zombies are showing up in Black Panther soon, so I can still get my Zombie on. Word!
Midnighter #8 – This book is an awesome read and more of you should be picking it up! How many other comics star a hot gay ass-kicking superhero? Besides Wolverine. Heh… Last issues story told backwards was just sublime and i think I reread it 3 times.
Ms. Marvel #16 – My homegirl gets to stepping with the man she’s been flirting with for months. Not in the sex way though. Wonder Man is being mind-controlled by Modok, and is about to kick Carol’s ass.
New Warriors #1 – A new group of folks are calling themselves the New Warriors. If you’ll rememeber, a fight between the old New Warriors and a group of lame super-villains is what started the whole Civil War thing almost a year ago. Expect some peeved superheroes in Marvel-ville!
Omega Flight #3 – This is a solid book too. I’m disappointed that it’s not an ongoing, but maybe if enough people buy it, Marvel will get the hint. Check it out!!!
Uncanny X-Men #487 – After the shocking ending of the 12-part Rise & Fall of the Shi’Ar storyline, what’s next for my favorite muties? Well, as the cover shows, that newlywed who isn’t already on enough super-teams comes by for an adventure with her old buds. That’s right kids, Storm is Coming!!